The government is forever promising to build more houses for the many new young people looking to get onto the property ladder.

Chris from Multifold 19/01/2018

Multifold Doors provide their customers with Origin doors and windows.

James from Multifold 19/12/2017

There was once a family who lived in a big house on a big hill on a big farm. It was a happy house, full of love and joy:  it was warm, cosy, and had splendid views of the surrounding countryside.

Paul from Multifold Doors 5/12/2017

This winter could be the winter in which you choose to renew and improve your household heating system. Let's discuss some of the many different options you have when choosing your heating.

James from Multifold 24/10/2017

If you have a fireplace, it’s most likely you will be using it this winter. But is it ready to be used? Open fireplaces, log burning stoves; they all need to be cleaned.

Chris from Multifold Doors 11/10/2017

There are many advantages to installing bi-folding doors this autumn. The weather is beginning to get colder, wetter, and less comforting, and it won't be long until the winter is here.

Paul from Multifold 28/09/2017

If you have decided that a patio is not right for you then why not try a deck instead?

Paul from Multifold 13/09/2017

Bi-folding doors bring the outside in and having a nice outside always helps. One way to create a simple, easy to maintain garden area is to place slabs of stone down creating a patio.

James from Multifold 11/09/2017

At the moment, white is probably the most common colour for double glazing frames. The main reason for this is price: white glazing frames are less expensive than coloured and wooden frames.

James from Multifold 9/08/2017

It may be a little wet at the moment but the British weather does have its moments of beauty. One great way to take advantage of these sunny days is actually to spend them in the shade.

James from Multifold 26/07/2017

More and more people are staying in their current houses rather than moving.

Chris from Multifold 7/07/2017

The great advantage of Multifold Doors bi-folding doors is that they come in such a wide variety of colours and possible door combinations.

James from Multifold 6/07/2017

Over the past month we have had record breaking temperatures. With numbers hitting the mid 30’s at the suns height and the nations sleep disturbed - it has been a time of pros and cons.

Paul from Multifold 29/06/2017

Ultimately, using less energy and generating less carbon dioxide can lead to big savings on your utility bills in the long term.

James from Multifold 12/06/2017

Summer is truly here and at Multifold Doors we are enjoying our bi-folding doors wide open. The British people are spending more time in their gardens, relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Chris from Multifold 12/05/2017

Multifold Doors’ bi-folding doors aim to bring the outside in, and whilst the origin aluminium doors require little maintenance these a few tips to ensure the continued performance throughout the 2

James from Multifold 12/05/2017

Traditionally, a British house would have separate spaces for the living room, dining room and kitchen. This cleanly separates the house up but reduces space.

Paul from Multifold 13/04/2017

Residential solar power has traditionally come from large roof panels. However Tesla has recently released information on their newest product, affordable solar tiles.

Chris from Multifold 5/04/2017

So far Multifold Doors have focused on bifolding doors, windows and blinds. However we now have a new product available; the Residential Door, made as always by our trusted suppliers at Origin.

Paul from Multifold 24/03/2017

If you have a small space for windows or doors in your project then you may face the decision whether to choose bi-folding doors or French windows.

James from Multifold Doors 7/03/2017

Since their conception, glass windows have had the ability to exhibit fashion, wealth and power.

Chris from Multifold Doors 23/02/2017

Spring in England is usually still a bit chilly; the t-shirts and flip-flops aren’t out quite yet. However, the plants in your garden are just waiting to flourish.

Chris from Multifold Doors 22/02/2017

Multifold Doors use only the best and that’s why we chose to have Origin as our supplier.

James from Multifold 17/02/2017

Most of our work comes from extensions, refurbishments or replacement window projects. Many of the larger projects are based in living spaces or kitchens on ground floor level.

Paul from Multifold Doors 9/02/2017

Multifold Doors have years of experience installing Origin bifold doors. We have the knowledge to know whether a project needs a little bit of extra drainage or a slightly deeper runner.

James from Multifold Doors 31/01/2017

Multifold Doors have a variety of colours available to you ranging from earthy Tuscany browns to bright Pop Art finishes.

James from Multifold 24/01/2017

Origin Bifolding Doors are some of the most thermally effective windows on the market.

Chris at Multifold 17/01/2017

January is a tight month for many people after the expenses of Christmas. However you can still get started on organising your new project or replacement windows and doors.

Paul at Multifold Doors 22/12/2016

At Multifold Doors we are all getting ready for Christmas but still working hard to get our current jobs finished. The Christmas break is a perfect time for planning your projects in 2017.

Paul at Multifold Doors 14/12/2016

Get creative this Christmas and make some of your own decorations. Many of the Christmas decorations we spend money on every year can be made with time and effort.

Chris at Multifold Doors 7/12/2016

There are many reasons to purchase Origin bifolding doors this winter, here are a few of them:

Paul from Multifold Doors 24/11/2016

Hopefully in the summer the majority of your entertaining will be hosted outside, but as winter approaches we no longer have such a luxury.

Paul at Multifold 17/11/2016

Winter is here, the days are shorter and the nights are colder. Christmas is coming and it is a time for family and friends. This means it’s time for a cosy living room.

James at Multifold 8/11/2016

Winter is settling in and it’s nice to come home to a warm house or heat up quickly!

James at Multifold 2/11/2016

The internet and digital technology is spreading into our lives faster every day; the internet of things is no longer a novelty but a way of life.

Paul at Multifold 25/10/2016

Since Britain has left Europe we have seen a variety of events thunder through the country.

James at Multifold Doors 18/10/2016

There are two different types of underfloor heating. Electric and water, however within these two different systems there are many methods of applying underfloor heating.

Chris at Multifold Doors 7/10/2016

Winter is coming. The weather is getting colder and the warm sunshine is fading away. Being inside cold, poorly lit rooms with only views of the cloud and dark sky outside can get you down.

Paul at Multifold 4/10/2016

Bifolding doors are some of the most versatile types of doors available today.

Paul at Multifold 28/09/2016

Multifold have created its own system from the ground up to help you select your perfect bifolding door.

Chris at Multifold 17/08/2016

Having some great Origin bifold doors can change the look and feel of both a garden and a house. However it’s very important what is put either side of the bifold doors.

James at Multifold 3/08/2016

Multifold Doors install Origin blinds as well as bi-folding doors and aluminium windows.

Paul at Multifold 15/07/2016

Multifold bi-folding doors are usually constructed on the divide between home and garden.

James at Multifold 20/06/2016

The bifold door first started appearing in Europe during the 70’s. Seen in cafés and restaurant fronts, taking advantage of the beautiful sun they became very popular.

Chris at Multifold Doors 7/06/2016

We all hope that this summer is going to be a hot one (as we do every year), but how are you going to soak up the bursts of sun we all sacrifice ourselves to?

Chris at Multifold Doors 20/04/2016

Multifold Doors supply more than just bi-folding doors. We supply a variety of bespoke aluminium windows manufactured by Origin exclusively in their Buckinghamshire factory.

Chris at Multifold Doors 8/04/2016

Multifold Doors provides a quality product, which as well as working to high technical standards is also styled with different finishes to suit every space.

Chris at Multifold Doors 8/04/2016

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality, bespoke service to each of our clients.

Chris at Multifold Doors 9/02/2016

Multifold Doors sell and install Origin bi-folding doors which are some of the best bi-folds on the market.

Chris at Multifold Doors 13/01/2016

Multifold’s bifolding doors can be used in a variety of ways both outdoor and indoor.

Chris at Multifold Doors 5/01/2016

We have a host of gadgets to help us save money on our heating. From heating that we can control remotely to others that detect when we’re in the house.

Paul at Multifold Doors 21/12/2015

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a house. It’s a massive selling point when people come to buy.

James at Multifold Doors 8/12/2015

In the current climate moving up the housing ladder to a larger property can be tough so many people are extending.

James at Multifold Doors 30/11/2015

During the Victorian era thousands of simple L-shaped terraced houses were built.

Paul at Multifold Doors 25/11/2015

Giving your garden – however small – a complete transformation is a demanding, time-consuming job, and one best left to the professionals.

James at Multifold Doors 28/09/2015

A conservatory is one of the most special parts of your home.

Chris at Multifold Doors 17/08/2015

Scandinavian architecture and interior have become increasingly popular throughout UK modern homes. Scandinavian style is functional, simple and beautiful.

Paul at Multifold Doors 12/08/2015

Most people welcome a spare room because it represents an opportunity for a little extra breathing space in a crowded life, just a

Chris at Multifold Doors 11/08/2015

In the UK, most businesses, residential property owners and tenants are increasingly conscious of the environment.

Chris at Multifold Doors 1/07/2015

In the era of home-cooking shows and modernised interiors, people are increasingly choosing to play host and wow their guests in their own way.

Paul at Multifold Doors 11/06/2015

No British summer is complete without that BBQ.

Paul at Multifold Doors 23/04/2015

Remember those days when you first started stocking your kitchen.

Chris at Multifold Doors 11/03/2015

Origin are the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of bespoke aluminium Bi-folding Doors, Windows and made-to-measure Blinds.

James at Multifold Doors 5/03/2015

What’s the storage space like in your kitchen?

James at Multifold Doors 5/03/2015

The Climate Change Act, passed in 2008, commits to a steep energy reduction goal. By the 2050 target date, emissions must be reduced at least 80 per cent from 1990 levels.

Paul at Multifold Doors 18/01/2015

You’d think the process of finding a good local builder would be relatively simple: look in any advertising directory and there are always lots of them competing for your attention.

Chris at Multifold Doors 15/01/2015

Given our fascination with gardening and making our garden the centrepiece of our property and a source of continuous enjoyment, we are constantly trying to find ways to make it even more appealing

Chris at Multifold Doors 14/01/2015

Being energy efficient in the home can save families large amounts of money all year round. This can be especially important in the winter months when we all use larger amounts of energy.

Paul at Multifold Doors 2/01/2015

If you have household work that needs to be done, how do you find the best professional for the job? Here are some recommendations and organisations to help you find a great tradesperson.

Chris at Multifold Doors 13/11/2014

There’s something about sitting inside at Christmas time; it’s dark outside and you’re cosy.

Chris at Multifold Doors 10/11/2014

If you need your Bi-Fold doors delivered before Christmas, we can help!

Chris at Multifold Doors 23/10/2014

Rumours suggest that 2015 will be the year for reinventing classy luxury and versatility when it comes to interior design.

Paul at Multifold Doors 23/10/2014

If you’ve added a touch of class to your home by adding stunning bi-fold doors, you will undoubtedly wish to conti

James at Multifold Doors 23/09/2014

Multifold Doors was recently approached by a homeowner in Abingdon who wished to make his living room and sun room – overlooking his back garden and the Thames – more aesthetically pleasing.

Chris at Multifold Doors 16/07/2014

For England’s homeowners, the new policy regarding planning permissions for single-storey conservatories and double-storey extensions provides a significant savings that will be subject to change o

James at Multifold Doors 14/07/2014

Adding decking to your garden can be an excellent way of updating your garden for summer.


Many of us want to be kinder to the environment, but the best way to make your home a friend of the Earth is not always clear.

Paul at Multifold Doors 15/05/2014

No matter how you shape the debate, the costs of a new build, selling your existing home, moving, relocating and all the accompaniments is an expensive and stressful undertaking.

Paul at Multifold Doors 15/04/2014

Nowadays it doesn’t necessarily take huge renovations to improve the value of your home.


The survey for the freshly restored property was undertaken by a local resident builder, however Multifold Doors supplied all the necessary technical drawings and discussed the threshold with him t

Chris at Multifold Doors 10/02/2014

With the rapid and steady rise in housing prices, many homeowners have decided to invest in their existing property and add an extension to their home.

Paul at Multifold Doors 4/02/2014

The concept behind the orangery was developed in Holland, a country known for its passion for horticulture, and quickly spread through Europe and around the world.

Chris at Multifold Doors 16/01/2014

Multifold’s bi-fold doors are a great addition for any home, in particular for your conservatory needs.

Chris at Multifold Doors 21/11/2013

We can still guarantee the delivery of aluminium bifold doors prior to Christmas provided the order for non stock RAL colours is received by Monday 25th November.  However for our 13 popular colour

Chris at Multifold Doors 24/10/2013
  • The average annual combined domestic electricity and gas bill reached £1,279 in 2012.
  • This represents a rise of £107 (9%) from the previous year.
James at Multifold Doors 1/10/2013

Homeowners and business owners in the UK have learnt lessons in reducing overheads during the recession period, and are continuing to monitor expenses closely.

James at Multifold Doors 3/09/2013

An article in the prestigious Scientific American magazine refers to an area of the brain called amygdala. This section of the brain is used to deal with fear and anxiety.

Chris at Multifold Doors 5/08/2013

Its unique 8 point locking system conforms to demanding, police preferred “Secured by Design” standards.

Chris at Multifold Doors 12/07/2013

There is nothing quite like flooding your home with natural light, expanding your living space and allowing the sun to brighten your the interiors of your property.

James at Multifold Doors 13/06/2013

Most of the homes in the UK built post World War II favoured smaller, intimate rooms.

James at Multifold Doors 30/05/2013

When planning an extension, it is easy and understandable to get caught up in the excitement of the end result.

Paul at Multifold Doors 27/03/2013

Unlike solid wall or other types of partitioning, bi-fold doors offer a flexible yet reliable option.

Chris at Multifold Doors 27/03/2013

With the glazing being the primary element in folding sliding doors, homeowners are often dubious as to the safety of folding sliding doors.


Multifold doors present home and business owners with infinite interior design customisation options.

Chris at Multifold Doors 18/03/2013

We are replacing our previous gaskets with the superior Q-Loin Weather Seal, a more aesthetically pleasing and weather-proof option.

Chris at Multifold Doors 10/03/2013

We explore the benefits of installing bifold doors within new developments and refurbishments.