In the era of home-cooking shows and modernised interiors, people are increasingly choosing to play host and wow their guests in their own way. To compete with this trend, bar owners need to incorporate the comforts of home into their environment.

One way you can achieve this as a project manager is to suggest the installation of bi-fold doors. Not only can these partition areas inside the bar, they can create the kind of indoor–outdoor flow most properties can only dream of.


It doesn’t matter whether bi-fold doors are open or closed, if you want to let some light into a bar, there’s no better solution.

Gone are the days of the dingy pub experience and with summer approaching, patrons will be able to enjoy a light atmosphere long after the sun goes down.


Don’t let the green spaces or courtyard outside the bar go to waste. Opening bi-fold doors allows for outdoor areas and garden bars to become integrated with the indoors, promoting a sense of camaraderie and allowing the natural flow to add a harmonious design element.

If you’re working with a traditional pub, you can integrate bi-fold doors into the architecture in a way that could never have been accomplished in the past. The trend towards bringing the outdoors indoors isn’t going away anytime soon.


Creating separate spaces is an effective way of multi-purposing a bar, increasing profits, and creating separate atmospheres. Bi-fold doors can keep smokers away from outdoor dining areas or can separate those having a pint at the bar from those enjoying a relaxing meal. If you have a family friendly establishment, you can even create a separate children’s area indoors or out.

Bi-fold doors muffle noise but keep everything within easy view of busy bar staff and cautious parents. At the end of the day, everybody wins.


Bi-fold doors concertina back on themselves, creating a wide-open space without taking up much of their own. You’ll know how vital it is to use every piece of floor space as effectively as possible, and bi-fold doors offer ample opportunity to do so in a way traditional doors can’t manage. 


There’s something distinctly pleasing about having doors that are unobstructed by cumbersome frames. On a practical level, it allows patrons to come and go without squeezing between pillars and each other. This results in customers feeling relaxed which is exactly the atmosphere you want to create.


In those busy moments before patrons come in, bi-fold doors can open to allow easy access for delivery people. Gone will be any concerns about getting goods to and from the bar area quickly and safely. Just open the doors as wide as they can go.


Heating a bar area is expensive enough without worrying about how to keep the warm air in. Bi-fold doors can turn any area into a suntrap and their thermal efficiency will keep any heat generated inside. Given the increasing energy efficiency of British homes, you’ll want to offer the public an equally cosy atmosphere. Bi-fold doors will help with this.


This maps in with the thermal efficiency of bi-fold doors. The Government looks kindly on businesses that save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, and bi-fold doors achieve this with ease.


Keep the doors completely closed or choose to have them fully or partially open. Bi-fold doors of any number of configurations can be chosen to suit the weather, the number of clients in-house, or to subtly change the atmosphere. Creating the right space can happen with the simple opening or closing of a door.


Most bi-fold doors come with multiple locking mechanisms spread across multiple points of the sliding track. When compared to the single lock found on traditional doors, it goes without saying that bi-fold doors are more secure at every point.


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