Spring in England is usually still a bit chilly; the t-shirts and flip-flops aren’t out quite yet. However, the plants in your garden are just waiting to flourish. These can change your garden from being a leafy, frosted patch of ground into a bright and attractive space. 

Daffodils are the first indicator that spring is really here. With bright flowers and a wide range of shapes and sizes they can illuminate a garden within a few weeks of warm weather. These flowers are also easy to maintain as they do not need cutting and they should be left to die back on their own. The bulbs also duplicate once they have finished blooming, so the next year you will hopefully have twice as many.

Pansies are a classic for spring gardeners. With bright petals and easy to grow indoors and out they only need a small amount of sunlight to flourish. If you are planning a new garden you should expect these flowers to be around 10 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Being large and brightly coloured means they are perfect for a spring centrepiece or brightening up a shaded room.

Lilac brings the smell of spring into the house and garden. A traditional favourite and often seen as large trees they also come in the form of shrubs, which saves space for the smaller garden. Place them near your bifolding or sliding doors so this flower lets the scent of spring into your home.

Tulips are gracious and delicate flowers that bring certain smoothness to a garden. With their subtle green stems and then bright petals they certainly attract the eye, especially the larger specimens. These plants grow at their best in the garden but can flourish indoors though only for a short amount of time. As a tall plant they are perfect for boarders and pathways, a fantastic spring flower.

Redbuds start filling our streets and gardens with beautiful pinks around early March. Although the Redbud is a tree, it is one of the prettiest spring-time trees to invest in if you are starting a redesign. It is stunning as it blossoms and when the time comes for its flowers to fall, you are left with a lovely carpet of pink around the tree. This makes for a great view when enjoying your Origin bifold panoramic view.

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