The Woodgrain Future

At the moment, white is probably the most common colour for double glazing frames. The main reason for this is price: white glazing frames are less expensive than coloured and wooden frames. Over the next ten years, we are expecting to see a decrease in white window frames and a rise in coloured and wooden […]

Gazebos for Every Season

It may be a little wet at the moment but the British weather does have its moments of beauty. One great way to take advantage of these sunny days is actually to spend them in the shade. But not just any shade, imagine yourself enjoying the shade in a stylish garden building, preferably one with […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

More and more people are staying in their current houses rather than moving. Before the recession of 2008, many had the flexibility to apply for a loan, with mortgages and house prices at an affordable level. Now it’s far harder to get all of these things and, with the organised chaos that comes with moving […]

Get the Wow Factor

The great advantage of Multifold Doors bi-folding doors is that they come in such a wide variety of colours and possible door combinations. This gives you the freedom to create your perfect project and bring the best usage out of your Multifold Doors bi folding doors. If you are building an extension of any size […]

Keep Cool with Origin Blinds

Over the past month we have had record breaking temperatures. With numbers hitting the mid 30’s at the suns height and the nations sleep disturbed – it has been a time of pros and cons. So how will Multifold Doors cope with the heat? The Origin bi-folding doors and windows we sell are heavily focused […]

How to Make a Green Extension

Ultimately, using less energy and generating less carbon dioxide can lead to big savings on your utility bills in the long term. To build a truly green extension you have to think about several aspects. You have to think further than what electrical supplier you’re going to have or what light bulbs you’ll use. There […]

How to make your garden into a Tuscan paradise

Summer is truly here and at Multifold Doors we are enjoying our bi-folding doors wide open. The British people are spending more time in their gardens, relaxing after a hard day’s work. This is not something we are used to. So we thought we would take a look at making that outdoor space of yours […]

How has the Kitchen Changed?

Traditionally, a British house would have separate spaces for the living room, dining room and kitchen. This cleanly separates the house up but reduces space. Now people are seeing the advantages of an open plan house and remodelling by having walls knocked through to create kitchen/dining rooms or just larger kitchens. As large kitchens have […]

How to Maintain and Clean Your Bi-Folding Doors

Multifold Doors’ bi-folding doors aim to bring the outside in, and whilst the origin aluminium doors require little maintenance these a few tips to ensure the continued performance throughout the 20 year manufacture’s guarantee. Track Let’s start with the movement. One of the key features of our bi-folding doors is the smoothness of their movement […]

Solar tiles or panels

Residential solar power has traditionally come from large roof panels. However Tesla has recently released information on their newest product, affordable solar tiles. Tesla completely changed the electric car industry and believes they can do the same with the solar roof tile. Solar roof tiles have been around for just over a decade; however they […]