Why Origin Bi-Folding Doors?

Installing Bi-fold doors is a decision many homeowners are instantly drawn to when searching for an alternative opening to their garden with an enhance flow between the inside and outside. Origin Bi-folds, which come flat packed, is on the easier side of installation and has express delivery options, meaning it has never been easier to […]

Why all of our windows and doors are made in britain

ALL OF OUR WINDOWS AND DOORS ARE MADE IN BRITAIN British-made windows and doors are some of the highest quality on the market, and this is reflective of the skill and expertise that goes into making them. We believe this is an important selling point for consumers at the moment: bespoke products that are ‘made […]

Are corner bifolds a good idea?

Made to measure bi-folds can help open up a room, creating beautiful views of the outdoors while bridging the gap between inside and out by providing a wide opening space. There are many different configurations you can choose, consisting of multiple door leaves which stack to one or both sides of the door frame. One […]

Things to consider when buying bi-folds & patio doors

Bi-fold and Patio doors are a long term investment for your property, it will increase the value of your home and be a permanent fixture you see day in and day out, as any door or window would be. So it’s essential that you are not only 100% sure on the model and colour, but that you […]

Why you should continue to keep windows open in winter

As we collectively reach for our blankets, chunky knits and slippers we automatically reduce the amount of time we keep our windows open, for some it’s a permanent closure until march, especially in the bedroom where all we want is comfort. The upsides are of course warmth and saving energy, particularly with A+ rated windows, […]